HandlePod® Is Mentioned Twice by Mirrorless Camera Reviews

“Review of the HandlePod: The best alternative to traditional tripods out there”
“The HandlePod is the most lightweight and convenient alternative to a tripod we’ve come across.”
“I really feel that as inventions go, this one is ingenious. The HandlePod removes everything unpleasant about shooting with a stabiliser. It is small, light, easy to pack, straightforward to use and inexpensive… It will definitely be in my camera bag when we go to France for Christmas this year!”

Light gear for long daylight exposures with a neutral density filter. “I’m happy that I chose the HandlePod for this experiment. Doing so allowed me to see what kind of results I could achieve with the lightest gear possible, and I haven’t been disappointed so far.” 

HandlePod® Is Mentioned by the Digital Photography School

“HandlePod is so SO versatile! You can put your compact or smaller dSLR on it and use the HandlePod to hold your camera still on a wall/pole/table for a lower light shot. You can use the included elastic/bungee cord to strap it to pretty much anything… …times when you’re either not allowed or it’s just not practical to take a full sized tripod… …this is the perfect chance to slip the HandlePod in your bag/pocket/camera bag and take it along.”

HandlePod® Product Review on the

“One of the first good “tricks” that budding photographers learn is that good, sharp pictures often require a tripod, or at the very least, require the photographer to brace him or herself against something solid to reduce camera shake. Unfortunately, this just isn’t possible in many situations, and otherwise good pictures are sometimes ruined because of it. Coming to the rescue of photobugs everywhere is the HandlePod.”

HandlePod® Is Mentioned on the Gadgeteer

HandlePod® is Reviewed by UK’s Outdoor Photography Magazine

See how the HandlePod® stacks up in an outdoor gear test. Download the article’s PDF by clicking here.

HandlePod® Is Reviewed by Spain’s

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Customer Reviews

“This little quad pod they call “HandlePod®” blows away the competition. It looks totally professional and is not a toy. The stability and range of motion are unequaled. The lightweight, slim design has superior attachability and portability. I am starting a new career in photography and this has inspired me to really go for it! Thank you so much HandlePod for a photographer’s dream accessory. Sincerely, Brandy from Belmont”