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Window Shots

WindowShot+HPsmNight scenes through window glass offer a perfect opportunity for low light photography, especially in cities where high rise apartments and offices present spectacular night views. Just place the HandlePod’s feet against the glass and rotate the camera mount to point through the window. Position the camera lens as close to the glass as possible to minimize reflections from room light. Rubber tips on the HandlePod provide a solid footing and the 3-axis rotation on the mount makes it easy to aim the camera. back to top

Awesome Car Cam

WindowMount.pngThe elastic cord combined with the high friction, non-slip rubber feet mean that you can secure the HandlePod firmly to any object that you can wrap the cord around. This solid attachment is particularly useful for video applications that would be impossible with other devices or may require large, costly equipment. But HandlePod can easily turn your auto into a camera car for that fabulous moving down the highway shot. The frame around the window of most cars is wide enough for the HandlePod’s feet. Simply position the feet on the frame and secure it with the elastic cord. Take as many turns as possible and pull the cord tightly. Slip the free end into the HandlePod’s groove and you have an instant camera platform. Attach the camera to the HandlePod and you’re ready to hit the road.

If the window frame is too narrow to accept the HandlePod, the side mirror can provide a alternative support. Be careful to position the HandlePod so that all four feet solidly engage the mirror mount and wrap the cord as tightly as possible. Test to make sure there is no movement before mounting the camera and driving. back to top

C-Clamp It

C-Clamp.pngC-clamp type camera mounts have been around for decades and are available in many versions such as the SmartPod. They’re perfect for securing cameras to car windows, doors or other objects. Add a simple C-clamp and The HandlePod does the same job. This is especially useful for attaching a camera to the inside of your car’s window for that moving travel commentary. The rubber feet assure a non-slip attachment and the 3-axis rotation aids precise composition. back to top

Duct Tape for Sticky Situations


There are times when only an adhesive mount will attach a camera to objects like a wall or large rock. An example is the MonsterPod that is backed with a sticky elastomer. The HandlePod will do the same thing with just a few inches of duct tape. Use it to attach the HandlePod to walls, trees, windows or just about anything. It’s perfect for today’s light, miniature cameras but test adhesion first. Natural objects like trees and rocks can be iffy when there is a lot of dirt. And unlike a sticky putty type mount that can release without warning, duct tape will peel away slowly, leaving plenty of time to rescue your camera. And no need to clean the adhesive, just peel off and toss in the trash. Of course a roll of duct tape is too much to carry. Just roll several feet of tape around a pencil stub. It takes up little room, weighs next to nothing and is enough to secure your camera to a number of objects for self portraits and group shots. back to top

String-Pod Alternative

StringPod.pngA length of string tied to a bolt has been used for decades as a tripod alternative. A commercial version called SteadePod is available. Add a simple length of 1/8 inch nylon cord to HandlePod and you can do the same thing for practically no cost and zero weight. Cut the cord to proper length and slip one end into the slot in the HandlePod. Stand on the other end and pull straight up to tension the cord. This provides significant steadying power for long exposures when a solid support is not available. Hint: melt the ends of the nylon cord to prevent unraveling and tie a knot in one end to prevent the cord from slipping through the HandlePod slot. back to top

Smart Phone Mount

iStablizerwCellPhone.pngFor many people the “Smart Phone” has become the camera of choice, and its capabilities are becoming more sophisticated.
But it has the same stabilization issues as any digital camera. Because it is so small and light, it is even more difficult to hold steady. An accessory adapter like the “iStabilizer®” will mount the Smart Phone to a HandlePod® and provide the same advantages that HandlePod gives a still camera — greater stability for hand-held photography and video recording, Tripod-like stability when held against solid objects, the ability to attach it to supports using the elastic cord and everything previously described. HandlePod plus an iStabilizer® make a perfect accessory for any Smart Phone. back to top

Easy Helmet Cam

HelmetCam.pngCamera mounts for helmets come in a variety of models and prices. But you can easily adapt the HandlePod as a helmet mount with a simple modification. Remove the 90- degree bracket and attach the slotted camera mount directly to the aluminum pivot. This positions the camera closer to the helmet for better balance. Thread the elastic cord through air vents in the helmet. Wrap it tightly several times and secure it in the slot. Attach your camera and presto! Instant helmet cam to immortalize your favorite bicycle trails.

To see helmet cam videos by HandlePod users, click below:

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