Build a Simple DIY Camcorder Shade Hood

An earlier blog detailed how to make a simple DIY sunshade for smartphone screens.  The monitors on video camcorders are also difficult to see in bright sunlight and could benefit from a sunshade. There are a variety of commercial products available as you can see in this link to Google images for shade hoods. If you have a HandlePod, it is simple to build a DIY sun shade in a few minutes at little or no cost.

Camcorder Shade Hood Is Simple to Build

Sun shade camcorder 2

DIY shade hood for camcorder mounts to the camera with HandlePod.

All you need is some heavy black paper, scissors, black tape and a paper punch. Any thick paper will do as long as it is black or dark colored. The one in the photo was made from a dark gray file folder. Thin cardboard will also work. Cut a strip of paper wide enough to extend from the monitor to just past the tripod mount.  Place the camera on the paper and mark the places where the paper will fold up the side of the monitor and over the top, Mark the spot where the paper touches the camera.

Now fold the paper on the marks and cut it where it touches the camera. Hold the paper in place against the bottom of the camera and mark the spot where it touches the tripod threads. Use a paper punch to cut a hole at the tripod mount location. At the top end apply a strip of tape (preferably black electrical tape) to hold the paper to the camera. The tape can extend just 1/8th inch past the paper to hold it in place.

HandlePod Secures the Hood and Adds a Firm Grip

Put the paper on the HandlePod and insert the tripod bolt through the hole. Now mount the camcorder on the HandlePod and fold the paper up and over the monitor. Attach it to the camera with the tape. Move the camera to the end of the slotted camera mount and tighten the knob.

HandlePod supports the paper shade and holds it in place while providing a solid grip for your left hand. You can now see the monitor much more clearly in bright sunlight and have a firm grip to avoid camera shake and shoot smoother video. When you are done shooting in sunlight the shade hood folds away for easy storage.

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