HandlePod® LLC produces a low-cost, light-weight, portable camera support device for use in low light photography. The product, called the HandlePod®, is designed by a Photographer / Videographer to be used instead of a traditional tripod to eliminate blurring caused by camera shaking during a long exposure.

NOTE: This product is manufactured, assembled, labeled and packaged in the United States of America using local production facilities and labor.


  • Amazingly compact, but sturdy
  • Fits in a shirt pocket
  • iPhone and Android adaptable
  • Perfect for low light situations
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Set up with your timer to take your own photo
  • No more camera sitting on a picnic table to take a group shot
  • Stable enough to hold a full sized SLR Camera
  • Perfect for travel
  • A TRUE inspiration!
  • 100% American Made.

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